April 28, 2013

Spring Concert, featuring the inaugural performance of the Con Brio Children’s Choir
Rutter, Mass of the Children (with Danielle Munsell Howard, Soprano, John Dominick III, Bass)
Hawley, Io Sol La Primevera
Copland, Old American Songs: The Boatmen’s Dance (with John Dominick Howard, Bass), Long Time Ago, Ching-a-Ring Chaw, Zion’s Walls
Arr: Erb Shenandoah
Britten, Old Joe Has Gone Fishing from Peter Grimes)
Arr: Quick, Loch Lomond with Danielle Munsell Howard, Soprano, Rossini
La Passeggiata; Rossini
Arr; Eschliman; William Tell Overture
Arr: Rutter, Battle Hymn of the Republic

at Christ The King Church, Old Lyme, CT, conducted by Dr. Stephen Bruce, with Sue Saltus

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