Audition with Con Brio

Con Brio is an auditioned, classical chorus, with a wide repertoire. In seeking new members its goal is to retain a stable core group of singers, to provide a solid foundation and allow the group to grow musically, as well as develop a standard repertoire of major works. Members are expected to recognize their individual responsibility in promoting the sale of tickets and general fundraising. Con Brio requires members to meet prescribed attendance requirements. Annual dues are $125, plus the cost of music. On a case by case basis, the President may waive all, or part, of these charges in cases of financial need.

Con Brio invites applications to join Con Brio, without regard to age, race, color, religious belief, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality or ethnic origin. Admission to Con Brio is contingent on audition, availability of places in the appropriate choral part, and the choral balance. Admission to Con Brio is at the discretion of the Music Director and the Music Committee.

Con Brio performs three main concerts each year, in December and April or May and rehearses from 7 pm to 9:30 pm each Tuesday at St. Paul Lutheran Church, 56 Great Hammock Road, Old Saybrook, CT. Con Brio has made six overseas concert tours since its inception and toured Portugal and Spain in 2016.  A seventh tour to Slovenia and Croatia is scheduled for 2018 (now sold out). During the summer Con Brio jointly sponsors the popular SummerSings program, open to all.


Con Brio rehearsal with orchestra

Con Brio is a friendly, welcoming and inclusive group. There is a thriving and vibrant spirit of participation and volunteerism, which makes the organization run smoothly and efficiently.  Each year Con Brio starts the season with a social evening and read-through. After regular rehearsals, many choristers enjoy fellowship at the Hideaway Pub in Old Lyme. Con Brio commences each season with a read-through and pot luck dinner and celebrates its concerts with a post-concert party.

The next scheduled audition will be on August 28, 2018, at 7 pm. Other dates and times may be possible by private arrangement. All auditions are held at St. Paul Lutheran Church, 56 Great Hammock Road, Old Saybrook, CT. No prepared pieces are required. If you would like to learn more, call Sue at 860 575 9668 or email