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This webpage provides a complete database of works performed by Con Brio at all Spring and Christmas Concerts since its inception in 1997. Works performed at special events, outreach, and overseas tours are not included at this time. Please refer to the full archive.

The PDF files immediately below are divided between main and minor works and are presorted. These are static files and print-ready, 8.5 x 11, portrait-style.
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BachMagnificat, BWV 243, complete with Freut euch und Jubiliert and Gloria in Excelsis2011C
BachChristmas Oratorio (selections)2016C
BachGloria in Excelsis, from Cantata 1912009C
BachJesu, meine Freude BWV 2272008S
BachMagnificat (selections)1998C
BachMass in B minor (Gloria)2021C
BachMass in B minor (Gloria)1999C
BachMass in B minor (Sanctus)2024C
BachMass in B minor (Sanctus)2002C
BachMissa Brevis in F minor, BWV 2332015S
BeethovenChoral Fantasia2016S
BeethovenMass in C 2017S
BeethovenMass in C 2007S
Beethoven Mass in C1998S
BernsteinChichester Psalms2012S
BrittenRejoice in the Lamb1998S
BrittenSt. Nicholas2006C
CherubiniRequiem in C2005S
DvořákTe Deum Op. 1032016S
ForrestJubilate Deo2022C
HandelDixit Dominus2012C
HandelDixit Dominus2003C
HandelMessiah (selections)1998C
HaydnHarmoniemesse 2009S
HaydnLord Nelson Mass2018S
HaydnMissa in tempore belli 2022S
HaydnMissa in tempore belli 2000S
JenkinsL’Homme Armé2011S
KodalyTed Deum2002S
MozartCoronation Mass2006S
MozartGreat Mass in C minor K4272004S
MozartMass in B flat major K2752004C
MozartMass in C minor K4272019S
MozartRequiem (Levin completion)2001S
MozartRequiem (Süssmayr completion)2023S
MozartVesperae de Dominica K3211999S
MozartVesperae solennes de confessore K 339 2024C
MozartVesperae Solennes de Dominica2014S
PucciniMessa di Gloria2003S
PucciniMessa di Gloria (Kyrie and Gloria) 2010C
RespighiLaud to the Nativity2007C
RossiniPetite Messe Solennelle (Cum Sancto)2021C
RutterGloria 2019C
RutterGloria (Quoniam Tu Solus Sanctus)2021C
RutterMass of the Children2013S
RutterTe Deum2024S
SchubertMagnificat in C major, D 486 2014C
StroopeHodie (3rd movement)2023C
Vaughan WilliamsDona nobis pacem2006S
Vaughan WilliamsHodie2015C
VivaldiDixit Dominus RV 8072024S
VivaldiDixit Dominus RV 807 2008C
ZelenkaDixit Dominus ZWV 682019C
ZelenkaMissa Gratius agimus tibi2023C
ZelenkaTe Deum2018C


TradRieseA Choral Fantasy God rest Ye merry, Gentlemen2013C
SusaA Christmas Garland2009C
CourtneyA Musicological journey through the Twelve Days of Christmas,2011C
CourtneyA Musicological journey through the Twelve Days of Christmas,2016C
RheinbergerAbendlied Op. 69 No.32024S
JohnsonAin’t got time to die1998S
DawsonAin’t that good news1999S
FrimerJacobson/NevskyAl HaNissim2023C
BachAll breathing life from Singet dem Herrn BWV 2251998S
BachAll breathing Life, from Singet dem Herrn2002S
TradAlla Cazza2005S
BachAlles, was Odem hat, from Singet dem Herrn BWV 2252023S
WalkerAlpha and Omega2011C
BachAmen, from Cantata 612008C
HandelAmen, from Messiah1997C
BaslerAmor que une con el amour grandissimo2012S
TradWilbergAngels we have heard on high2007C
TradWilbergAngels we have heard on high2010C
TradWilbergAngels we have heard on high2015C
TradWilbergAngels We have heard on high2019C
TradWilbergAngels We have heard on high2021C
GabrieliAngelus et Pastores2013C
HandlAscendit Deus2018S
BieblAve Maria1998S
BieblAve Maria2002S
BrucknerAve Maria2002C
RachmaninoffAve Maria2003C
RachmaninoffAve Maria2004C
BieblAve Maria2006C
BieblAve Maria2018C
TradWilbergAway in a manger2004C
SchultzBanks of Doon 1998S
HirschLeavittBashana Haba’ah2015C
TradRutterBattle Hymn of the Republic2000S
TradRutterBattle Hymn of the Republic2002S
TradRutterBattle Hymn of the Rpublic2013S
TradRutterBattle Hymn of the Rpublic2024S
MendelssohnBehold a Star, from Christus1997C
MendelssohnBehold a Star, from Christus2015C
TradCauriolBève Campare2009S
TradPostonBoar’s Head Carol 1999C
RachmaninoffBogoroditse Devo (Ave Maria)2016S
RogersMarzukiBorn in a Manger and Gentle Mary2009C
BrahmsBrauner Bursche, from from Zigeunerlieder,2019S
BachBreak forth O Beauteous Heav’nly Light, from Christmas Oratorio1999C
SimonShawBridge Over Troubled Water2011S
VerdiBrindisi (Libiamo ne’lieti calici), from La Traviata2023S
GabrieliBuccinate 2010C
FosterHalloranCamptown Races2005S
McCartneyCan't buy me love2012S
BachCantata 110 (first movement) Unser Mund sei voll Lachens2007S
BachCantata 1502012S
FauréCantique de Jean Racine2003S
TorméHayesChestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire2021C
BachChristen, atzet dieisen Tag 2018C
BachChristians be Joyful (1st mvmt Christmas Oratorio)2023C
Pinkham Christmas Cantata1999C
KodalyChristmas Dance of the Shepherds2007C
HolstChristmas Day1997C
HolstChristmas Day2010C
HostChristmas Day2023C
JenningsChristmas Spirituals Medley2006C
TradShawClimbing higher mountains2009S
HandelComfort Ye and Ev’ry Valley. from Messiah2009C
AplegateConey Island Baby/We all fall2018S
HandelCoronation Anthem No. 1: Zadok the Priest2012S
HandelCoronation Anthem No. 1: Zadok the Priest2017S
Handel Coronation Anthem (Zadok the Priest)2002C
LottiCrucifixus, from Credo in F  2017S
RossiniCum Sancto Spirito, from the Petite Messe Solennelle2007C
BrahmsDa untem im Tale2008S
BrahmsDa Unten in Tale1999S
SullivanDance the Cachucha, from The Gondoliers2019S
TradWillcocksDeck the Hall2001C
TradWillcocksDeck the Halls2017C
TradLuboffDeep River1999S
BrahmsDer bucklichte Fiedler 2019S
TradHeathDidn’t my Lord Deliver Daniel2003S
BagleyDidn't it rain!2007S
SchützDie Himmel erzählen die Ehre Gottes, SWV 4552023S
TradMagerDing Dong! Merrily on high2013C
TradWillcocksDing Dong Merrily on High2002C
TradMagerDing Dong Merrily on High2005C
TradMagerDing Dong! Merrily on High2017C
TradMagerDing Dong! Merrily on High,2023C
VivaldiDixit Dominus RV 807 Final Chorus2017S
VivaldiDomine ad adjuvandum me festina2012S
TradDona Nobis Pacem1999C
HaydnDona Nobis Pacem, from Harmonie Messe2008C
RheinbergerDona Nobis Pacem, from Mass in E flat major, Op. 1092018S
TradRutterDown by the Riverside2003S
TradRutterDown by the Riverside2011S
TradRutterDown by the Riverside2023S
MascagniEaster Hymn (Regina Coeli, Laetare), from Cavalleria Rusticana2011S
MascagniEaster Hymn (Regina Coeli, Laetare), from Cavalleria Rusticana2017S
MonteverdiEcco mormorar l’onde2023S
MendelssohnEhre sei Gott2023C
HoganElijah Rock2002S
TradHoganElijah Rock2024S
BachErschallet, Ihr Lieder and Voi Gott kommt ein Freidenschein from Cantata 1722003C
PraetoriusEs is ein 'Ros2017C
DistlerEs Ist Ein Ros Entsprungen2002C
NelhybelEstampie Natalis2005C
NelhybelEstampie Natalis2006C
NelhybelEstampie natalis2019C
TradMirandaEu vou, eu vou, from Suíte Nordestina2016S
TradHeathEvery time I feel the Spirit2003S
PalestrinaExsultate Deo2004C
PalestrinaExsultate Deo2014S
JenkinsExsultate Jubilate2024S
MozartExultate Jubilate2014S
TradDawsonEzekiel saw de wheel2009S
VecchiFa Una Canzona2001S
ZelenkaFanfare Equestres2019C
ThomasFanfare for Freedom2021C
ThomasFanfare for Freedom2022S
CopelandFanfare for the common man2024S
Vaughan WilliamsFantasia on Christmas Carols2008C
Vaughan WilliamsFantasia on Christmas Carols2015C
HandelFor unto us a Child Is Born, from Messiah2023C
BachFugue in G minor, after the style of Ward Swingle2004C
TradWilbergFum, Fum, Fum2004C
TradWilbergFum, Fum, Fum2017C
YonGesù Bambino2017C
GabrieliGloria a 12, Ch 46 from Sacrae Symphoniae 2022S
BassGloria in Excelsis1999C
ShawGloria in Excelsis1999C
Pinkham GloriA IN Excelsis from Christmas Cantata2012C
BernsteinGloria in Excelsis from Mass 2009C
DvořákGloria from Mass in D2008S
GarbieliGloria from Sacrae Symponae 15972012C
RheinbergerGloria, from Mass in E flat. Op. 1092016C
ThopmsonGlory to God1999C
HoganGlory, Glory, Glory to the newborn King2012C
TradButlerGlory, Hallelujah to the New Born King2013C
HoganGlory, Glory, Glory to the Newborn King 2002C
TradCaldwellGo where I send thee2010C
TradCaldwellGo where I send theee2017C
TradReiseGod Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen2016C
TradJacquesGood King Wencelas2013C
TradMartinGreat Day2009S
TradVaughan WilliamsGreensleeves2004C
Trad KáklikHáijku, Háijku2009S
BeethovenHallellujah, from the Mount of Olives2012S
BeethovenHallellujah, from the Mount of Olives2022S
Handel Handel, Sing unto God – finale1999C
TradParkerHark I Hear the Harps Eternal2004S
TradParkerHark I hear the Harps Eternal2016S
MendelssohnForrestHark the Harld angels sing2019C
MendelssohnWillcocksHark the Herald Angels sing2010C
MendelssohnHark the Herald Angels sing2017C
MendelssohnWillcocksHark! the Herald Angels Sing2013C
MendelssohnWillcocksHark! The Herald Angels sing2021C
MendelssohnWillcocksHark! The Herald Angels sing2023C
TradParkerHark, I hear the Harps Eternal2008S
TradDicieHe is born2007C
TradForrestHe is born!2016C
TradRutterHere we come A-Wassailing2001C
WillanHodie Christus natus est1999C
PoulencHodie Christus natus est2010C
SweelinckHodie Christus Natus Est2017C
WillanHodie Christus natus est2021C
GabrieliHodie Christus Natus est 2018C
KeeneWilbergHomeward Bound2018S
KeeneWilbergHoweward Bound2023S
SametzI have had singing2001S
SametzI have had singing2002S
SametzI have had singing2022S
TradWilbergI saw three ships2004C
TradReiseI saw three ships2016C
TradWilbergI saw three ships2018C
ParryI was glad2018S
TradNilesI wonder as I wander1999C
TradNilesI wonder as I wander2005C
PasserauIl est Bel et Bon2003S
MendelssohnIm Advent2023C
MendelssohnIm Advent and Weinachten: (5 and 1 of Sechs Sprüche, Op 79)2016C
MendelssohnIm Advent and Weihnachten2008C
MendelssohnIm Advent and Weihnachten, from Sechs Spruche2013C
HunterI'm gonna Sing!1998S
HunterI'm gonna Sing!2001S
HunterI'm gonna Sing!2022S
TradHairstonIn dat great gittin up mornin'2008S
TradHairstonIn Dat Great Gittin’ Up Mornin’2017S
ScheidtIn dulci jubilo2001C
ScheidtIn dulci jubilo2009C
PraetoriusIn Dulci Jubilo2017C
ScheidtIn dulci jubilo2019C
TradHairstonIn that Great Gittin’ up Mornin’2004S
HawleyIo Sol La Primevera2013S
FraserJessye's Carol2008C
FraserJessye's Carol2013C
YonJesu Bambino1997C
HandelJou to the World2023C
HandelWeaverJoy to the World2008C
HandelWilbergJoy to the World2013C
HandelWilbergJoy to the World2016C
TradWilbergJoy to the World2018C
HandelWilbergJoy to the World2021C
BartolucciJubilate Deo2010C
GabrieliJubilate Deo2016S
RheinbergerKyrie, from Mass in E major2021C
GabrieliKyrie, from Mass in F2021C
GabrieliKyrie, from Missa Brevis2004C
BovetLa Fanfare du Printemps2014S
RossiniLa Passeggiata1999S
RossiniLa Passeggiata2013S
MathiasLet the People Praise thee, O God2001C
MendelssohnLift thine eyes and He watching over Israel, from Elijah2009S
MedemaSchraderListen to your Children Praying2005S
SametzLo, how a Rose e’er blooming2015C
TadQuickLoch Lomond2013S
CoplandLong ago2005S
CoplandLongtime ago2016S
DenckeLord our God2004S
BachMagnificat (selections)1999C
PachelbelMagnificat in G2003C
MozartMagnificat, from Vesperae de Dominica2013C
BernsteinMake our Garden Grow, from Candide2004S
BernsteinMake our Garden Grow, from Candide2017S
BernsteinMake our garden grow, from Candide2007S
HodgesManger Carol1999C
KorngoldMarietta’s Lied, from Die Tote Stadt2011S
CourtneyMary had a Baby2018C
RutterMary's Lullaby2021C
TradWillcocksMasters in this Hall2002C
TradWilbergMasters in this Hall2016C
BeethovenMeerstille und Glückliche Fahrt2011S
HandelMessiah (selections)1999C
TradHoganMoses Rock2000S
FaschMotet in 16 voices, Cum Sancto spritu2019C
BurleighMy Lord, what a morning1999S
FosterHalloranNelly Bly2005S
FosterHalloranNelly Bly2008S
FosterHalloranNelly Bly2022S
MorleyNow is the month of Maying1999S
TradWillcocksO Com alll ye faithful2011C
TadWillcocksO Come all ye faithful2012C
TradWillccoksO Come all ye faithful2015C
TradWillcocksO Come all ye faithful2017C
TradWillcocksO Come, All ye faithful2019C
TradForrestO come. All ye faithful2023C
TradWilbergO Holy Night2011S
AdamWilbergO Holy Night2015C
AdamWilbergO Holy Night2023C
TradVaughan WilliamsO Little Town of Bethlehem1997C
VittoriaO Magnum Mysterium2005C
GabrieliO Magnum Mysterium2011C
LauridsenO Magnum Mysterium2011C
GjelloO Magnum Mysterium, from Serenity 2018C
JagodaBealeOcho Kandelikas2012C
JagodaBealeOcho Kandelikas2019C
TradTogniOf ther Father's love begotten2023C
CoplandOld American songs: The Boatman's Dance, Lon time ago, Ching-a-Ring Chaw, Zion's Walls2013S
Vaughan WilliamsOld Hundredth Psalm tune 2006S
BrittenOld Joe Has Gone Fishing, from Peter Grimes2013S
BrahmsOp. 29 No.2 Movement III from Psalm 511998S
BachOrgan Fugue in G minor BWV 578, in the style of Ward Swingle2017S
HarbergHayesOver the rainbow2017S
FranckPanis Angelicus2003S
MechamPatapan and Fum! Fum! Fum! from Seven Joys of Christmas2009C
HandlPater Noster2010S
TradWillcocksPolish Carol1999C
TradHamptonPraise Hos Holy Name2014S
TradHamptonPraise Hos Holy Name2016S
RobinovitchPrayer before sleep2019C
BrahmsPsalm 51, Op. 29, No. 3, Tröste mich wieder mit deiner Hülfe 2017S
DeringQuem vidistis pastores 2018C
MullhollandRed. Red, Rose1998S
MuillhollandRed. Red, Rose2000S
MullhollandRed. Red, Rose2002S
MullhollandRed. Red, Rose2014S
de VictoriaRegina Cæli Lætare 2018S
MozartRegina Coeli KV1272005C
MascagniRegina Cœli laetare ‘Easter Hymn’ , from Cavalleria rusticana2022S
Le JeuneRevecy Venir du Printemps2003S
GershwinWarnickRhapsody in Blue2019S
TradSmithRide the Chariot2014S
TradHeathRise up, Shepherd2002C
TradGreenbergRiu Riu Chiu1999C
TradRiu, Riu, Chiu and Dadme Albricias Hijos d’Eva2011S
AguiarSalmo 1502009S
BrahmsSchaffe in mir, Gott, ein rein Herz Motet, from Psalm 612007S
MendelssohnSelections from Elijah: Lift Thine eyes, He wactching over Israel, He that shall endure, Behold God the Lord, Holy is God the Lord, Then did Elijah, And then you loght shall break forth2002S
MechanSeven Joys of Christmas2010C
MechamSeven Joys of Christmas: excerpts – Bells, Children, Dance, Song1997C
RutterShepherd's Pipe Carol1997C
RutterShepherd's Pipe Carol2002C
RutterShepherd's Pipe Carol2015C
RutterShepherd's Pipe Carol2021C
TradWilbergSimple Gifts2004C
HindemithSince all is passing2001S
FetlerSing unto God1998S
FetlerSing unto God2001S
FetlerSing unto God2004C
FetlerSing unto god2008S
MorleySing We and Chant it2001S
BachSinget dem Herrn2010S
TradRobertsSinner Man2005S
MatthiasSir Christèmas2001C
MathiasSir Christèmas2006C
MathiasSir Christèmas2018C
TradHelveySometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child2004S
BernsteinSomewhere, from Westside Story2018S
TavenerSong for Athene2001C
TradStar Spangled Banner2022S
PowellStill I rise2018S
TradBrunnerStill, still, still2001C
TradBrunnerStill, still, still2017C
TradBrunnerStill, still, still2023C
CopelandStomp Your Foot, from The Tender Land2019S
LauridsenSure on this shining Night2017C
TradDicieSussex Carol2005C
TradWillcocksSussex Carol2007C
TradSweet was the song the Virgin sang2005C
BrahmsTafellied Op. 93b2008S
RutterTe Deum2000C
FaveroTe quiero2016S
CoplandTender Land (selections)2000S
TradHoganThe Battle of Jericho2001S
SusaThe Chanticleer's Carol2019C
SusaThe Chnticleer's Carol2003C
IvesThe Circus Band2009S
ThomasThe Drinking Gourd1998S
TradThomasThe Drinking Gourd2002S
TradWillcocksThe First Nowell2000C
TradWillcocksThe First Nowell2001C
TradWillcocksThe First Nowell2015C
GjelloThe First Nowell2019C
TradWillcocksThe First Nowell2023C
TradChilcottThe Gift1999C
MöllerMackThe Happy Wanderer2008S
TradJacquesThe Holly and the Ivy1997C
JoioThe Holy Infant's Lullaby1997C
HandelThe King shall Rejoice2002C
TavenerThe Lamb2023C
ThompsonThe Last Words of David2024S
ShawBennettThe many moods of Christmas1999C
WhitacreThe Seal Lullaby2024S
GibbonsThe Silver Swan2001S
WillanThe Three Kings2000C
CorneliusThe Three Kings2003C
WillanThe Three Kings2012C
WillanThe Three Kings2021C
TradVaughan WilliamsThe Turtle Dove2000S
TradRutterThe Twelve Days of Christmas2010C
TradWilbergThe Virgin Mary had a baby Boy2008C
JoubertTher is no Rose1999C
TradGraingerThere was a Pig went out to dig2009C
TicheliThere will be rest2008S
BerliozThou must Leave The Lowly Dwelling, from L’Enfance du Christ op. 25 2003C
SieberThree Hungarian Folk Songs1999S
TradWillcocksTomorrow shall be my dancing day1999C
GardnerTomorrow shall be my dancing day2015C
GilmoreBrumfieldTon Thé2014S
BrahmsTröste mich wieder 2012S
VerdiTutto nel mondo è burla, from Act III of Falstaff2018S
TradLevineTwo Chanakkah Songs Lo V’chayil and Al Ha-Nissim 2007C
WarlockTyrley, Tyrlow2007C
DurufléUbi Caritas1999C
DurufléUbi Caritas2002S
DurufléUbi Caritas2024S
TradUkrainian Nationl Anthem2022S
AlwoodKirchnerUnclouded Day2018S
BarberUnder the Willow Tree2004S
BizetVotre toast, je peux vous le rendre ‘Toréador’ , from Carmen2022S
DistlerWachet Auf2000C
BachWachet! Betet!, from Cantata 702008C
TradHopkinsWe three Kings2016C
TradHalleyWhat Child is this?2016C
TradMcCulloughWhat Child is this?2023C
FinkWhat sweeter music1999C
RutterWhat Sweeter Music2018C
HeymanAzeltonWhen I fall in love2017S
HeymanAzeltonWhen I Fall in Love2023S
BillingsWhen Jesus wept2005S
TradRutterWhen the Saints go marching in1999S
TradRutterWhen the Saints Go Marching in2005S
TradRutterWhen the Saints go marching in2012S
TradRutterWhen the Saints go marching in2014S
TradRutterWhen the Saints go marching in2016S
TradRutterWhen the Saints go marching in2022S
TradPaarkerWhile Shepherds watched2015C
BerlinRingwaldWhite Christmas2023C
RossiniEschlimanWilliam Tell Overture2013S
RodgersHayesYou’ll never walk alone, from Carousel, with  Climb ev’ry mountain, from The Sound of Music2022S
SchumannZigeunerleben 2019S
BrahmsZigeunerlieder Op 103, No. 51998S



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