April 26, 2009

Spring Concert
Haydn: Harmoniemesse or ‘Wind Band Mass’, (with Adèle Paxton, soprano, Clea Nemetz, mezzo-soprano, David-Marc Finley, tenor, David Olsen, baritone, Joni Gage soprano, Bill Sorensen, tenor)

 excerpts from Mendelssohn Elijah: ‘Lift thine eyes’ and ‘He watching over Israel’
Ermani Aguiar: Salmo 150
Great Day: arr. Martin; (with Jen Monroe, soprano, Tom Crosby, tenor)
Ezekiel saw de wheel, arr. Dawson (with Len Dongweck, tenor)
Climbing higher mountains: arr. Shaw. (with Donna Bishop-Seaton, soprano)
Háijku, Háijku: from Gaudium Praha, arr. Káklik; Bève
Bève Campare, from Coro Alpino arr. Cauriol
The Circus Band: Ives

 at Christ The King Church, Old Lyme, CT, conducted by Dr. Stephen Bruce.

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